5 Aug 2013

Artsy Rose Nail Art

Today 2 of my new stamping plates by Cheeky turned up.... 
So expect to see lots of stamping from now on! 

This is from the Home Sweet Home Jumbo plate 2013. 
I purchased them from +Amazon.co.uk. But because they came directly from Asia they took approx 12 working days to arrive. 
They have a nice range of patterns on. The full designs are a lot bigger than usual, but this isn't necessarily a good thing. looking at a few designs I am wondering if they will even fit on my nails. 

Only time will tell I suppose. 

But i really am looking forward to trying the new designs as there are some really funky ones! 

Products Used 
CND Sticky Base
BarryM Matte White 
Essie She's Pampered
Konad Special Polish in Black 
Seche Vite 

To do this I made circles in Shes Pampered first then indiviually stamped over them after. 
I think this does look a bit messy but i actually really like that, this pattern reminds me of Clarice Cliff in some ways. 
This also fits in to the new white nail trend! I have seen a lot of people wearin white nail polish recently, i remember the first time I wore white nail polish a few years ago.....
 My auntie said it looked like Tip-Ex LOL....


  1. So clever to make that red circle first. I think it looks great and compliments the stamp. Very nice!

  2. I really really love this!