10 Aug 2013

Cheeky Jumbo Plates 2013. What a Disgrace!

Today I have a post many will be surprised by.... 
Last week i received my Jumbo 2013 plates from Cheeky. 
I purchased them on +Amazon.co.uk but was informed on purchase that they would take longer to come. On delivery I found they had been dispatched from China. That's not a problem, I buy a lot of things from overseas with no problems. 

When I opened them three of the plates had completely bent corners, and one plates edging was snapped. The one with the snapped edging didn't bother me as much as the plate itself wasn't damaged, but still not the point really as when you buy an item you want it undamaged lol 
I was gutted :( I had waited so long for them to arrive....

The first thing i did was take pictures and contact them through Amazon. 

No reply. 

I waited about a week and then couldn't want any longer and tried to bend one back. That kind of worked but it meant that the full design in the corner would never be flat and will never work. 

I then emailed them through their actual website. 

Still no reply. 


I am very disappointed, I have ordered with them loads in the past with no problems. This incident has put me right off. 

The designs on the plates are also far too big, even for me. So you end up with say half a cupcake. 

I don't think i will be ordering with them again. And going by some of the reviews also on amazon neither will a few others. 
Not the service we have all come to expect from Cheeky Beauty,

(sorry for bad pics! I took them, well, in a rage!)


  1. Wow, that's shocking. Have they not heard of bubble wrap??

    Funny you should say that about the images being too big. People always seem to complain about images being too small and thinking bigger is better, but I'm always a little wary of full nail designs that are a picture, rather that just a repeating pattern, in case they're too big, and as you say you end up with half a cupcake!

    1. They were even in bubble wrap lol all be it a tiny layer! I think the sizes that cheeky used on its 2012 summer plates are the right size, well for me anyway. I feel really let down by the service and the product.
      :( shame on cheeky!