11 Aug 2013

Pastel Textured Mani With Pearls

Today has been really nice weather so here's a lovely pastel mani to bring out your tan!
I was really not sure about textured polish but I actually really like this!
These are Station Road, Ridley Road and Kingsland Road by BarryM.
I have blogged about another textured polish by InVogue, which you can find HERE

This polish isnt textured enough that it annoys me, but textured enough to feel and see it. 
The yellow (Station Road) has glitter in it but I coulent really notice it that much, 

The pearls are from Sparkly Nails. They come in packs of 45 and sell for £1.50.
You can buy the pearls, along wuth a massive range of nail art products HERE

They are really easy to use. Just use a damp orange wood stick to pick them up and place onto damp topcoat. Sometimes I place them onto nail adhesive to make them really last. 

Sparkly Nails also offer same day dispatch and free delivery for orders over £20. 

What do you all think of textured nail polish? Love it or hate it?

*some of these products were sent to me for an HONEST review. The views on this product are COMPLETELY my own.*


  1. I agree with you! I'm not the biggest fan of textured nail polish, but I love the Barry M ones. I only have the pink and blue though, I'd really like the green and yellow too (complete the collection and whatnot!). Great nail art :)

  2. you have to have complete collections lol! i use that as an excuse haha x

  3. Barry M have super nail polishes and I love that look, very pretty!


  4. I have debated buying these nail varnishes for so long, and now I've seen this I want to go out and get them, so nice!
    I've added your blog to my reading list and followed you on bloglovin so I can keep up with seeing your posts as they all look pretty good!