9 Aug 2013

My Names Jade and I'm an Addict.

Well this addiction has just gone up a notch.....

I kept running out of space on my shelving unit so I decided to stop buying nail stuff, SAID NOBODY EVER!

So the time came..........to buy a Helmer from Ikea. 

I now have a medium filing cabinet full of nail stuff! The fantastic thing is is that I can have everything all sorted into different draws etc. Who doesn't love everything being VERY organised.....right?!

Now whenever there's a sale on or I need more stamping plates (no 100 isn't enough) I no longer have to hold back! Well until this is filled too! 

Here it is......

I also purchased 3 ANTONIUS plastic divider things, these are really helpful for separating brushes etc. They are not designed to fit in but will a bit of wiggling and squeezing they fit in fine. 

I originally got all the info I needed from Lip Gossiping. You can read her post HERE

You can purchase the Helmer for £25 from IKEA 


  1. I'm gonna have to invest in some of those dividers. And then I may actually have to buy another Helmer cos I've been too organised and fitted everything into the two I already have...

    1. They are really helpful! Your even worse than me! I have some catching up to do!