23 Aug 2013

Sick Lacquers Swatches and Review Part 1

I am a very lucky lady! 
Today I have some swatches of three indie polishes by Sick Lacquers
I do have more from Sick Lacquers to show you but I'm teasing you all by breaking it down :P

Sick Lacquers are available to buy on Etsy and are handmade by Peggie and her son. 
You can purchase them HERE and they do ship to the UK.

Without further ado.....
This First one is Berrys and Cream
2 Coats + Seche Vite topcoat
All i can say really is wow! Your going to get a lot of that on this post HaHa! This features different size purple glitter suspended in a creamy white base. The more you layer it on the deeper the effect gets. I love that you can see all the glitter from the previous coat just peeking out. If you look at the (crap) Macro shot you will see the different shapes of glitter this polish has to offer. 
The formula is fab and the glitter lies pretty well flat without topcoat.

Next up is Buttercup. This is 3 coats with topcoat. 
Your going to need to wear shades for this cheeky neon-esque shade. Not too bright its offensive but eye catching enough to get you noticed!
This features micro, slices,hexes and even cute star shaped glitter. You could either wear this alone or over another polish depending on your mood, and if worn over another polish it would turn down the brightness. 
The larger hexes don't lay as flat but that's expected really with larger glitters. In the macro shot it looks way worse than it looked to the "naked eye"

Taste the Rainbow. 2 coats with Seche Vite.
WOW, I wanted this to stay on my nails for forever and a day. 
This polish is another glitter suspended in a creamy base. This literally has all the colours in the rainbow, well all the good ones! Formula was great as with all the others. 
I cant really say any more about this polish, but you haven't got something like this, then its a no brainer.

What do you think of these super beautiful indies? 
Please also take a look at their FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM and show some love!

*some of these products were sent to me for an HONEST review. The views on this product are COMPLETELY my own.*


  1. The last one reminds me of the icing and sprinkles you get on a pop-tart! Love all of these polishes.

    1. Now you say it, I see it too! It truly is as yummy as a pop-tart too!