5 Sep 2013

Guest Post from PenguinsLeftGreenPolish. Rose Nail Art

Hey All,

Guest posting again :) I love doing guest posts for the nail blog community, especially when we need the extra help from our nailistas!! Today its a post for Jade! Totally love her blog :) and I've only just discovered it and I'm glad I did! She does amazing nail designs and definitely more creative than I am! 

Thanks for having me Jade! :) and keep on posting amazing swatches and nail art! 

My favorite had to be the Mr Bump Nail Art she did, so cute and I remember growing up to the books!

Today's design is just some simple roses using a dotting tool and two shades of one colour and making random swirls on my nails! :) Hope you all like it!

What do you guys think?!

Thanks for reading and thank you Jade for having me! :D


Please check out PenguinsLeftGreenPolish on her FACEBOOKBLOG and BlogLovin Believe me shes worth a look! 


  1. Lovely colorful look and the blue shade is gorgeous! Xx


  2. Woow flower print nail art is so cool, i tried this nail art but couldn't do because i have short nails.. can you make these type of nails tutorials please! thanks, keep up the good work..
    its really a great and usefully piece of info..
    Thanks to admin......

  3. Nice colorful nail art red color base is looks amazing.