23 Sep 2013

Incoco Nail Polish Strips Review

This is the beautiful package that came last week!

These are nail polish applique strips. In simple turns they are strips of REAL nail polish. Instead of the standard nail wrap which are usually made out of plastic this is made out of polish. Base, colour and topcoat all in one!

They are from an American company called Incoco, they have just turned on international shipping so they are now available in the UK YAY!

They come in full nail,tip and pedicure strips.They come in a very wide range of designs. 
What I can straight up is that I love that they have a massive range. They have plain colours and designs. Whats more they are all 3 free.

For this review I tried the Neon Yellow ones. I really love this design and I wouldn't be able to do this by hand.

In the package you get 16 strips. Upon opening you can smell that they kind of smell like musty old nail polish LOL but this fades are they go on etc. 
You also get detailed instructions on how to apply.

Incoco make a big deal on the package and on the instructions about keeping them sealed until you use them as the air dries them out. So I used what I needed too and then resealed the pack with sellotape :)

To apply you simply remove the top plastic coat of the individual nail you have selected. the remove the bottom silver part as both ends are shaped slightly differently. Select which end fits your nail best. Peel off then apply. 

It was a bit fiddly to begin with and I did mess up on the index finger. 

But look at how good they look!! 

Yes I messed up but for a first go I am really happy and you cant really notice it in real life.
They are very thin and not like conventional wraps really as i cant feel them lifting up at the free edge. 
They claim to last up to 14 days..... 

I will keep you all updated on how they last. I really dont expect to get 14 days as real nail polish only lasts about 2 days on me. 

You can buy these HERE and check out their Facebook for the latest news.

*some of these products were sent to me for an HONEST review. The views on this product are COMPLETELY my own.*

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