12 Oct 2013

Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom Nail Art

My son is a massive Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom fan so I thought I would have a go at painting them. 

OK so these aren't very good, but what would be the point only showing things that are fantastic?! I did work quite hard on these but for some reason Holly looks quite evil! 

L-R Hollys Wand,Holly,Ben,Gaston 

I used OPIs Dont Mess With OPI, Stranger Tides and Thanks a Windmillion for the blades of grass in the background (yes that's what that's supposed to be LOL) 
The rest is acrylic paint. 

On the plus side my son instantly recognised them as the correct characters and he really liked them so I was happy! 

Well we live and learn maybe the next time they will be better and less weird looking! 

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at these! Have you heard of Ben and Holly?


  1. My daughter would want to sleep with your nails. Adorable!

    1. Thanks ! My son loved them too. I actually dont mind watching Ben and Holly, its better than a lot of other rubbish he watches lol