15 Oct 2013

Freddie Mercury Mani

I love Queen and when I saw this plate by MoYou I had to buy it. Then it turned out to be limited edition so I was even happier that I had snapped it up!

I used the below image as inspiration for this mani. 

I chose to do the stripes from the trousers and the buckle bits from the jacket. 

I used the decal method (tutorial HERE
As you can see I have fudged it up a tad but in my defence that was the top coat not me :P
I spent a good while doing this mani so was a bit pissed that it messed up :(
I freaking love this. 
You cant really see the mess ups from the normal viewing distance. 
I think I will do something like this again the the future just to see how awesome it looks with no mistakes lol!

Products Used 
OPI Alpine Snow
OPI Red Lights Ahead, Where? 
BarryM Gold Foil Effect
BarryM Lemon Ice Cream 
Konad Black 
Acrylic Paint

What do you think? 
Are you a fan of Queen or Freddie? 


  1. such a god work !again ! bravo :-)

  2. okey, I have no more questions. It's stunning. I really like Queen!

  3. Obsessed with the freddie nails!!!

    I know I'm like 3 months late but I need these. Have you seen them resold anywhere? they haven't restocked them on the MoYou site :(