19 Oct 2013

Simple Stripes

Yesterday I went to TK Maxx and found a set of Color Clubs for £9.99. The set features seven colours from the Girl About Town collection.
I have only ever tried one Color Club before and was keen to try some more! 

I chose to use Silver Lake. A very light grey. I used two coats for perfect coverage. The formula and application are fab. Although I don't think it suits my skin tone.

Again, my pics are not great. In fact I seem to be getting worse! Lighting is rubbish! I am so close to investing in a light box but I just don't know (opinions VERY welcome!)

I used a tiny brush from a nail art set by Essence. I bought it from Sally Magpies (and its on half price clearance!)
Its so thin and really nice to use. 

I used BarryM Gelly in Blackberry to so the stripes but I found it got thick very quickly so was very hard to get straight lines :( 

What do you think? What's your fave brush to use? 

Have a great weekend! 

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