3 Oct 2013

Owl Stamping Nail Art

Something very strange must have happened as I have incredibly girly nails today! 

They have also had the chop! I have very curvy nails so after a certain length they look all silly!

For this I used OPI's Pink Friday as a base. My god was this streaky, I had an absolute nightmare getting this on. 
This is three coats.
 Dont get me wrong I love this colour but it infuriated me :(

The Owl is from a MoYou London stamping plate, filled in with OPI's Suzis Hungry Again and Fly. 
The black is Konad Special Polish. 

Over all I do like this but maybe next time I would choose different colours.
What do you think?


  1. This is really cute :) I've got a few MoYou plates that I need to have a play with!

    1. thanks! They are good plates! Im still waiting for some more of mine to come :(

  2. These are so cute, I like the colors! Girly nails are great once in a while :)
    That's odd that an OPI polish would be so streaky, they're generally pretty reliable :P

    1. thanks!
      OPI are my polish of choice really so it is a shame. It might have something to do with the fact that its a light colour. Its a luch coloir though, i cant stop looking at it!

  3. Very cute - I love everything with owls :o). Xx