2 Oct 2013


I am having a bit of a scatterbrain day today so I thought I would use this beaut called Scatterbrains from Sick Lacquers.
See what I did there?!

This is a funky polish indeed. Bright hexes and black shards in a milky base. If you look closely there is also micro pink glitter! 

My nail art actually SUCKS on this. I am not happy really but if I had done the triangles straighter it would have looked fab. 

I used BarryM's Gelly in Grapefruit and Blueberry to do the design. 
The studs are from the Born Pretty Store. You can buy them HERE 

Sick Lacquers Scatterbrains is available from Peggie and John HERE


  1. It look beautiful on you!! PS....your nail art looks fabulous compared to mine lol

  2. thanks!! Im glad you like it! x