23 Jan 2014

Laquerdasical Swatches

Hello everyone! 
I have a lovely Indie brand to share with you all today.... Laquerdaisical

Based in the UK and run by Alexia, Laquerdaisical makes a wide range of polishes and even some holos were released just last night! 

First up is Where the Glitter FlaminGoes.
This is a pink jelly with pink mix holo glitter. A darker pink not a baby type pink so it has my vote already! 

Macro bottle shot

All pictures with 3 thin coats and Seche Vite 

Already I have had numerous compliments on this shade. It really catches the light. 
The first thing i noticed about the polish was the way it applied. Despite having a high glitter content and coverage it wasn't thick. It was truly easy to apply. 
A pet hate of mine, and it happens mostly with Indies, is a thick polish. 

As its a jelly it had buildable coverage so you could layer it over another polish to make it truly opaque or you could be really adventurous and try it over a completely different colour polish and see what happens.....

The final one i have for you today is Elphaba's Downfall
This is a red, verging on the pinky side. It is packed with red glitter which gives a flash of bluey purple!!
It is a textured polish if left without topcoat (similar in texture to Zoya Pixiedust)

3 thin coats and 2 coats of seche vite

it is a strange polish as in some lights it looks red and in others pink. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flash of purply blue you get every now and then but I must say that is not really noticeable if you don't topcoat it. 
Again coverage is great and it goes on like a dream so no complaints here. 

I do have another Laquerdaiscal polish to show you but I just couldn't wait to show you these! The next one will be coming up very soon! 

I think Laquerdaisical will be a brand to watch as I love the application, colours available and the name choices! 
You can buy these and other Laquerdasical polishes from HERE 

Which one is your fave? 

**these polish were sent to me for my HONEST review, please see my disclaimer page for more info**

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