18 Jan 2014

Reverse Waterfall Nail Art

I have to start off by saying YAY!!! 
My Facebook blew up today and I have gone from 182 like to 305!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because of this I will be doing a GIVEAWAY soon!

Here is a twist on a waterfall mani. I first saw this type of mani over at The Nailasaurus. 

I used Zoya Perrie as the base. Not really my colour if I am honest as I don't think it goes with my skin tone?

I then used Color Club Fashion Addict to fade some holo in from the tips. 

To do the waterfall type effect I used some of my new Stripers. I believe they are also by Color Club. 
The sripers are actually really good, plus they are bloody cheap! 

So what do you think? 

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  1. Love this. That shade of purple really suits you, and is a lovely colour :) xx

    1. Thanks Hun i think it may be too girly for me! x

  2. these are amazing nails jadey i love them and i love the glitter <3 <3 xxxx