29 Jan 2014

Sorbet Seams Coffee and Flowers

Today I have another new to me indie brand Sorbet Seams. 
Sorbet Seams are based in Belgium and run by Sally Meyvis
Firstly I LOVE the brands name and the bottle, Oh the bottle is so sexy! 
How can a polish bottle be sexy....? 
Well just LOOK at them

 For Lovers in a Rush and Coffee and Flowers

I would be so happy to have a whole shelf full of these.
I cant stop looking at them

Well anyway...... 

Today we have Coffee and Flowers. A beautiful polish with purple holo squares, silver and pink holo hexes and smaller silvery brown? circles.
This is a polish topper, that means it is designed to go over another colour. 

I chose yellow.
Why? I have no idea. I really like purple and yellow together. 
This is like super sunny and happy. 
Which is great as the weather is total pants.

macro bottle shot

 I love how this is so happy. I feel Coffee and Flowers would look good over a wide range of colours. Maybe a pretty purple fade!?

I layered this over Barry M's Limited edition yellow that in turn is layered off Barry M matte white. 
I did have to fish for glitter a bit for this, I suppose that's because the pieces are quite big so they sink. This is 3 thin coats with 1 coats of Seche Vite but i feel two coats of top coat would be better next time to make it 100% smooth. 

What do you think of this topper? Sorbet Seams is available to buy HERE oh and on another plus side delivery took like a week! fast!

**this polish was sent to me for my HONEST review, please see my disclaimer page for more info**


  1. I simply love square particles in glitter! AMAZING *__*

    1. :D It is really lovely and the glitter really reflects the light!