10 Feb 2014

Guest Post ~ Penguins Left Green Polish

Hey all!

Another guest post here for the lovely Jade :) poor girlie is feeling poorly, so what's the best medicine!? Lay in bed and watch as many TV shows as possible and have some lovely ladies who love to give a helping hand out with blog posts! WOOOP!

Hopefully Jade will be feeling better real soonsies :D!!!

I bought a new bottle of white polish recently since those colours seem to thicken and become a pain in the ass real quick! I decided to do a quick gradient on it to test out its durability and I am so impressed! LOL by white polish :D!!
I used light pastel colours for the gradient and topped it off with some fine glitter polish which I don't think its very visible...but its there trust me!

Here it is :)

The colours are very light and really blend nicely together :) I do like gradients but I dislike the clean up after!

What do you ladies think!?

Thank you Jade for having me again! :D get well soon! xox

Bye for now!



  1. Very cute manicure with the pastel colours! I also love doing gradients but yes, such a mess to clean up! They are definitely worth it though :)