11 Feb 2014

Guest Post ~ Knitty Nails

It’s great fun setting up a blog but once it’s up and running you do feel the need to keep it going for all your loyal readers so when Jade was unwell and needed a few guest posts I knew how she felt. Here’s my contribution and hope you feel better soon Jade x.

I have blogged something that I think is very special. Kerrie from Quirk designed a set of polishes, with the proceeds going to a charity called St Peters Hospice. Each was a one off and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of them.

An Ocean Potion is a stunning mix of gold hexes, smaller blue, teal and gold hexes and tiny shimmery glitters, a perfect combination of ocean colours. The glitters capture the light beautifully, picking up a range of colours as well as blue, green and teal. It does have a teal coloured jelly base but for my nails it really needs undies.
This is quite a dense glitter and I imagine I’d get full coverage with a couple more coats; I probably will try it again soon and allow the pretty base colour to show.
Anyway, I generally like to set my glitters against a contrasting base and I chose Jacava Purple Promise. I love the contrast of the blue, green and gold against the deep purple, and I love that as I move my hands the predominant colour is purple and then teal depending on how the light catches it.
I have used 2 coats here, and the teal base has probably altered my Jacava a little but I am still very happy with the finished look.
This really is a very beautiful polish; I am so pleased that I was there at the right time to buy it! It will always be one of the special ones in my collection.  

You can check out Debbie's blog Knitty Nails HERE 
Thanks so much Debbie for this post and thank you so much everyone else aswell!

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  1. Thank you for the follow, lady!
    I love this deep blue colour!! :)) I'm preparing a post about a nail artist which I featured on my calendar for 2014 - check her out on month February. Soon the material will come out and I think it might be interesting for you too.