7 Feb 2014

My Stash!

Hey everyone! 

I am sooo poorly :( :( 

I have no energy to do my nails which is so sad as i have a few new ones this week! 

So instead i decided to give mine a little dusting and take a pic to show you all. 

Now i know this doesn't look like a lot compared with other peoples or bloggers but i only have a limited budget and often buy them in sales or from "nail friends" 

I usually have them stored on shelves in my living room and that's another reason i only keep my faves as I don't have room for more shelves! 

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks i should have my new indies coming from the likes of Polish Me Silly, KBShimmer and some samples too. So keep an eye of for those babies.

If i am honest I am getting sick of mainstream brands. Alot of the "new" releases seem to be dupes either to other brands or the same brand just a few seasons ago. I like that Indies can offer a fuller more varied range although some of them are starting to look a tad same-y. 

My favourite brand fro main stream has to be Zoya. I love PixieDust and their creme shades are delightful! 
I just wish the brush was slightly wider. 

I hope you've all had a good week and have a great weekend folks! 

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