27 Mar 2014

Polish Me Silly Pinky Swear I'm a Star Thermal Indie Polish

Today I have another beautiful thermal polish by Polish Me Silly


My nails are at that length where you can see the transition all the time so I get the gradient effect which is great.

This is called Pinky Swear I'm A Star.
 Its a pink when cold and white when warm polish packed with glitter, this includes pink and green stars!! 

This is the polish when cold.... 

Its pink.... and I love it! I think I may have been converted to pink as recently I have been wearing it quite abit! 
This is a funky bright pink (brighter than the pics) and I really like the green stars with this! I love pink and green together! 

Here is the polish warm...

AGAIN I love this shade too! You can really see all the glitter and who doesn't like a white crelly!!??

Transition shot..

I <3 it!! 

and finally the bottle shot (cold) 

I really love this polish. The formula was a little on this thicker side but in no way messed up my application. I used three coats for these pics and one topcoat. 

The stars of course can stick up a bit but that doesn't bother me at all. 

Its a funky bright polish perfect for summer!

What do you all think of this?? Are you a fan of thermals? 

In other news my new bulb came SMASHED! annoying!

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