22 Apr 2014

Earth Day Inspired Nail Art

Happy Earth Day!

I have gone with a very simple nail art today. As you can see I am back to nubbins :( 
I had a really bad break on my index finger about a week ago and I managed to patch it but it finally gave way. I think I am going to stay with shorter square nails. 
What do you think? Do you prefer my old long and rounded or short and square?

Anyway getting back to the nail art! 

I used Zoya Robyn (a personal fave of mine) KBShimmer Laugh Myself Lily (Harlow haul post) OPI Alpine Snow and acrylic paints. 

I used my new Nail Art Pen from Sam Biddle. I will be doing a more in depth post about this very soon. 

I love painting these little clouds. It about as artistic as I can manage! I messed up the actual Earth and its not geographically correct :P 

I hope you have enjoyed my Earth themed nails! 


  1. The cloud art is amazing! That is such a cool nail design! I would love to be able to do this but I am only capable of one colour nails, maybe a daisy design if I am lucky haha xx


    1. Thank you much :) Clouds are really the only thing I can paint lol x