20 Apr 2014

Easter Inspired Nail Art

Today I have actually managed to get a post done on time! 

This mani is inspired by Easter. I have a draw full of bits and bobs and today I chose to use the gold leaf. I highly doubt this is real gold leaf seeing as I payed about a quid for it but it looks good! 

The gold reminds me of Easter egg wrapping! I didn't want to go for the whole bunny and chick thing as that tends to be what the majority of other people are doing. 

I wanted to use a pastel shade as it really reminds me of spring. BUT I just couldn't find one that I felt went with the gold. 
I dislike gold.

I used Barry M Gelly in Huckleberry and the Gold Foil Effect. I HATE the newer gellys. They are so thin! I like the thicker consistency of the others I have. They used to be great for stamping and art but that's not the case now. What happened +Barry M ?

The "gold" leaf was quite hard to get neat. I don't think its possible to get the application perfect. Its thin and a pain in the butt to use but it gives this mani an Easter twist.

What do you think? Have you ever used gold leaf?

And if you are celebrating Easter then have a great day, if not have a great day anyway!

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