13 Apr 2014

KBShimmer Full Bloom Ahead and Stamping Decal

Its a white crelly. 
I instantly love it. 
I then matte it.
It reminds me of a speckled egg. 
I love it even more.

Hahah said polish is Full Bloom Ahead by KBShimmer. Its a white crelly featuring loads of glitter of different colours and sizes. 

I needed three coats to make this opaque but you can still kind of see my smile line. I don't mind this though as its not like super noticeable. The glitter distribution is good too, no fishing.

I then made a stamping decal using some acrylic paint in green and Cheeky Plate CH33. I do mine actually on the stamper instead of on a sheet of plastic. I also do not use topcoat to make them as I find its too much faffing and messing around and I always mess it up. After I have made the decal on the stamper I leave it to dry then stamp it on nearly dry polish on the nail and Tada. 

After all that I matted it all using my new topcoat by Mentality. This top coat is bloody great. It drys so much faster than my Orly matte topcoat and theres none of that bloody streaking. I recommend this to anyone. 

I think this looks really good and its been a while since I have made a decal too. 
What do you think? 


  1. I love KBShimmer polishes, they are always so pretty and this is no exception! :)

    1. I love KBShimmer too! They are great! x