19 Apr 2014

Mehndi Summer Doodles with Marcus

Today we have a collab between me and my father in law Marcus.

We were running late with our usual biweekly takeaway and we couldn't decide what to do. The idea is great but we could do with messing around with it abit to fine tune this.

I did the base and Marcus did the doodling. I love Mehndi designs and when I told Marcus this he was keen to give it a go!

I chose to do the base bright and funky as I havent really seen this type of design done before.
I painted my nails white and then used a sponge to add the colour. I used Vant To Bite My Neck by OPI, Chick Me Out by KBShimmer and Robyn by Zoya. I layered these and then sponged on some subtle glitter.

When this was all dry Marcus used the White Nails Supreme pen to create the design. He took to these pens like a duck to water. I was a bit jealous lol! 

Like i said we didn't have as much time as we usually do so we are going to come back to this theme at a later date. I am still very very happy with it!

I also love that this is a collab! I liked actually being part of the design,

What do you think of our creation? Do you like it when Marcus features on the blog?

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