13 May 2014

Cadillacquer Haul

This week I finally got some more Cadillacquer polishes!
Cadillacquer was having a 20% off sale for easter so I couldn't resist picking up these beauts!
I did have a very hard time choosing mind you and I was so bloody gutted I missed the Mothers Day trio!  

First up is Easy As Pie, a beautiful purple featuring circle, square, hex and micro glitters. 
I think this is my fave of all the ones I purchased. I have used it for a nail art already!

Sorry for the shit pic!! 

Dollhouse is a nudish browny pinky shade haha! It is also jam packed with glitter but this time silver and pink circles and a silver micro glitter.

I bought So It Begins because I don't have a square glitter polish yet (I don't think lol) This is another purpleish but this lies on the grey side. 

Remember Me is a close second fave. Its a very light blue with hot pink circles and silver micro glitter. I cant wait to use this! 

Its Going To Happen Again is another grey dusky leaning shade. This time though its blue in tone. Another one featuring squares. 

I cant wait to try these polishes out. Cadillacquer are my brand for 2014 for sure. I love the way the polishes build depth and who can forget Masterpiece?!! My favourite polish of all time. 

Do you own any Cadilliacquers?
You can buy them from her store

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