22 Mar 2014

Cadillacquer Masterpiece

I have been lusting after this polish for months and finally its mine! Masterpiece is finally MINE!

If you are not a polish enthusiast...thats what I have decided to call myself by the way an "enthusiast" ... It makes me sound all dignified like I collect stamps or something LOL! 
Anyway if you are not a polish enthusiast I cannot begin to describe how it feels when you finally get THAT polish. One you have watching, waiting and looking at swatches of for months and months... 

When it finally lands in your hands its such a good feeling! 
I always worry that when I then do get it and use it I wont love it as much and it'll be a bit disappointing. 

This is NOT one of those times. I actually dont ever want to take this polish off 
**runs and chucks all other polish out the window**

This to me is the right shade of green and the red... OH THE RED.... Cadillacquer describes it as hot orange glitter on the website but it is red to me. The glitter suspends so well in the jelly formula that the top layer of glitter looks 3D. I'm not shitting you it like stands out. I have never seen this in another polish. ITS LIKE WIZARDRY! 
I used three coats and one coat of topcoat in the pics. The formula is perfect I think as if you used less coats it wouldn't build up that lovely 3D effect.

I am a MASSIVE fan of Dexter. I mean look at Micheal C Hall. I have always loved him. Even when he was on Six Feet Under. 
In fact my son is even called Dexter LOL! #

This polish is very reminiscent of Dexter to me. The red glitter just looks so much like blood splatter. Blood splatter in a good way of course! 

Masterpiece is indeed a masterpiece to me. 

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I also purchased Seek the Fire at the same time as this one so I hope to have time to try that one out soon and I STILL have some others from the Dexter Collection to show you, Man I am so far behind!

So what do you think? 


  1. Love it! Masterpiece is on my short list for one I'll pick up soon. I have Seek the Fire on right now and I adore it; I hope you love it too!

    1. Yoou for sure need to get this one!! I cant wait to try Seek the Fire. It has the same sort of red glitter, just smaller. Looks so good in the bottle! I have another Cadillacquer untried from the Dexter collection so gotta give that one a try too!