25 May 2014

GUEST POST Dotty Mani by BGPolish

Hey there you lot! I'm new around here.. My name is Catriona from BGPolish and I am doing a guest post for the lovely Jade! I thought about a lot of different things I could do for you today, but I finally came up with something! Gold and Silver Bubbles!

In this look I began with painting my nails in Barry M Silver Foil and then I painted two large lines on either side of the nail coming downwards and two shorter lines in the middle with Barry M Gold Foil. After this I took Silver with a large dotting tool and dotted over the gold, and a small to dot gold on the silver.

I topped this with Seche Vite, and I really hope you like it, I also hope you can understand my ramblings. If you liked this design please pop over to my blog and have a look around, and thank you so much to Jade for putting up with me and letting me guest post! - Always.

Thanks so much for posting for me Catriona and I love your metallic mani!! 

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