29 May 2014

NAILS ON TOUR!! Holiday Round Up

I'm back my loves!
I really hope you enjoyed all the lovely guest posts and thanks again to all the contributors!

For our summer holidays this year we went to Holywell, about ten minutes away from Newquay in Cornwall, UK.
We always holiday within the UK and its always Newquay lol, we love it there. Its like a second home.

It rained like the whole time we were there but we managed to get to Holywell Beach. Holywell beach is stunning. Easily my fave beach I've ever been too.


My brother and son at Holywell beach.


The polish I chose for the holiday was a thermal called Nostalgia by Polished by KPT. A duochrome thermal polish. In some lights it has a pink tint and in others it has a green tint!
I wanted a polish that would go with most outfits and not be to garish. This polish was actually my third choice and to be honest I don't know why I didn't pick it first. I am in love with this thermal.
It covers great and in it warm state is a perfect duo chrome nude. Its quite sheer but I really didn't mind that this time. I am learning to embrace my VNL
It also reacts really well too so even on my relatively shortish nails I had the gradient effect a lot!

My nail polish lasted about 4 days before It started to badly chip but for me that's a record! I could not be more chuffed with this polish.

We also enjoyed going to Newquay Zoo, Crealy and Cornwall Gold. My husband bought me this gorgeous freshwater Pearl ring for an early anniversary gift (pictured above)


  1. Great polish and looks like you had fabulous holidays!
    Beautiful ring too!!!

    1. Thanks hun! Its great to see you here. I did have a fab time and I love the ring so much :) <3