31 May 2014

Neon Disco Nail Art by Marcus

Marcus is back to do another nail art for you all!

When I was away I bought some new Neon and Pearl acrylic paint and we were dying to try them out. 

I also have 4 new nail art brushes from Moyra UK that I had been lusting after for a really long time and they do not disappoint!!! I am hoping to do a more in depth post on these soon so keep your eyes peeled (gross!) 

Marcus used Glitter Gal Brainfreeze for the base. This black in an amazing holo......

So Marcus saw the neon's and thought of DISCO! 

The neon paints didn't cover worth a damn so we put white underneath but I'm still not happy with the way they cover. Le sigh.

My picture isn't great as I HATE the way the light bleaches some of the image out... Any tips on this then please drop me and email lol.

Okay so this nail art is disco lights and on my ring finger there is a raver man! 

I don't think I have ever seen a nail art like this and I am not 100% on it but I know Marcus was happy with the shapes and the effect. 

Hes just pretty far out man....

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  1. Wow, this base coat is amazing!!

    Lu, www.balgarka.co.uk