15 May 2014

Purple Cracked Nail Art

I had a request from Alexia, Creator of Laquerdaisical to do a purple nail art so here it is.
If you would like to request a nail art or have any ideas please contact me

I used one of my new Cadillacquer polishes Easy As Pie. I wanted this polish for so long. In fact I want all Cadillacquer polishes....BUY ALL THE POLISH!

I had no idea what I was doing when I started this nail art lol. I used Nails Supreme pen in white to do the design and then a gradient using OPI Planks Alot and Steady As She Rose with a bit of Easy As Pie on the nail tip.

Easy As Pie applied really well and I got great coverage with 3 thin coats. I prefer to use thinner coats of polish to build up the depth of the glitter.

I still have no idea what this nail art is... Trees? Cracking? Lightning? You decide!


  1. Super nail design :-)

  2. i like it.. nice art.. looking some different.. i ll try it.. thanks for share it with us.. for further information please visit this site: http://knowfrome.com/candy-corn-nail-designs/