17 May 2014

Sally Magpies Haul!

I was supposed to be saving for holiday.....

Then Sally announced a 50% off EVERYTHING sale last week. I was very good and only got 4.

Pretty and Polished April Showers, Picture Polish Aurora, Pretty and Polished Pretty Chameleon, Manglaze Mayonnaise. 

I have wanted to own a Manglaze for a really long time and I needed a new white so win win! I love the art on the bottle and the less than savory names.... :P

As you all know I love thermals! So I picked April Showers and Pretty Chameleon by Pretty and Polished. I really wanted May Flowers but it was sold out. Ill have you one day May Flowers!

I cannot wait to get Aurora on my nails. I actually said WOW when I opened it. It nothing like the mutlichromes I own now, its nothing like anything I own now!
If I wasn't going away in a couple days I would have bought all the limited edition Picture Polishes. I also really wanted the Rocky Horror ones but a held myself back!

Unfortunately the sale is over BUT Sally stocks a wide range of indies polishes and shes in the UK!
You can find her HERE 


  1. Very pretty colours! :)

    Lu, www.balgarka.co.uk

    1. Thanks hun! I cant wait to try them out!