23 Jun 2014

Lace Floret Water Decal Nail Art

It feels like ages since I blogged last. Super busy getting crochet things made... Ive even bought a label maker. This just got real!

These dainty water decals were sent to me by Sparkly Nails. Sparkly Nails are based in the UK and stock a massive range of nail art items.

Water decals are so simple to use. All you have to do is cut the one you want out, remove plastic and then soak in water for a few seconds. Slide the decal off of the sheet and then on to your nail.... Simples!

The only thing that can make them a tad harder to use is seeing the white decal on the blue backing paper but holding them up to the light helps.

I made the ombre using a make up sponge and Moyra 912 Jacqueline and Manhattan 67N. Manhattan don't name their polishes and it really bugs me when nail polishes don't have names. I think its part of the fun (especially if they are humorous names, I'm talking about you OPI )

These decals and many others are available from Sparkly Nails

*press sample, please see disclosure for details*