30 Jun 2014

Marcus Manis!

Marcus is back! It feels like ages since he has had a guest spot here!

As many of you will know Marcus is my father in law and he is also an artist. He regularly comes around and dones my nails for me. Its nice to have someone who supports my mad obsession and even joins in!

Marcus is a skilled painter and hes really good at making mosaics.. More on that very soon.
Today's nail art is based on the colourways of a beautiful picture he painted in 2000 and now proudly hangs in my living room!

I love the way this nail art came out. Its bright and summer orientated! I feel the lined gradient came out looking like a beautiful sunset.

What do you all think? Do you enjoy seeing what Marcus comes up with?

 You can see more of Marcus's Art work HERE 


  1. This is beautiful! I've never seen a lined gradient before but I like it! Has Marcus just invented a new technique? :p xxx

    1. Oh no! He will be super famous! damn him ;) ;)