3 Jul 2014

Life in Lacquer Nail Art Challenge:FOOD

Its here! The first day of my nail art challenge! Ive never done one before so excited to see everyones work :)

The first prompt is food. I was going to do some stamping but thought I would do hand painting insted!

These are my first ever strawberry nails and I am pretty happy at how they turned out :)

For the main body of the strawberry I actualy used two reds. I used 04M and 06M both by Manhattan. You cant really see the two tones. 
I then handpainted the leaves and seeds using acrylic paint and a very thin brush by Moyra.

Topped it all off with one coat of topcoat. 
My clean up looks a bit rubbish but the red was a nightmare! Sorry!

What do you think? To see more please search for the #lifeinlacquerjuly and remember to upload your pics to our FACEBOOK


  1. Gorgeous strawberries!! Well done!

  2. These are so cute! They look just like strawberries :) Reds are always a nightmare to clean up!

    1. I know! I forgot to put my PVA glue on first. AND you cant even see the sponging lol! all the mess for no pay off :(