10 Jul 2014

Life in Lacquer Nail Art Challenge:INSPIRED BY TV OR FILM

Today's prompt is Inspired by TV or Film

This one took a lot of thinking!
I had so many ideas but I thought I would go with a TV program I have watched for years and years...

Eastenders, if you aren't aware, is a British soap that runs four days a week on the BBC. I chose to try and recreate the title image.....

Taken from Wikipedia. 

I obviously simplified it down alot. 

I used a base of Manhattan 106K and OPI Nein Nein Nein Okay Fine. I used my usual sponge splodging. I then added Dont Mess With OPI by OPI for bits of greenery.
I used acrylic paint to paint and highlight the Thames and create London Dome. Yes that white circle is supposed to be The Dome.... I told you I simplified it LOL

What do you think? Do you watch Eastenders? You can find out more about Eastenders HERE

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