7 Jul 2014

Life in Lacquer Nail Art Challenge: PINK

Today is the second installment of my nail art challenge!! I hope your enjoying looking at everyones nail art so far.

Todays prompt is pink. This is a very broad prompt and could even just be a swatch of a pink polish. I wanted to do prompts that everyone could take part in, from beginners to pros.

Heres my contribution...

Why, oh why, does my camera HATE bright pinks? These colours are so funky and summer orientated. 
This is Moyra 919 and KBShimmer Belle of the Mall. I bought this thinking it was red but mine is for sure pink. Yes it is a red leaning pink but its pink none the less. it was incredibly hard to capture.

I handpainted the roses and buds using acrylic paint and my new fave brush St Petersburg from Moyra, I am incredibly happy with how they turned out. 

What do you think?

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  1. I'm extremely impressed that you hand painted those roses! They're beautiful!

  2. This is pretty...supercute