24 Aug 2014

Marcus Manis: Bridget Riley Inspired

Hello my lovelies!

Its that time of the week where we see what nail arr Marcus has been doing. If your new to the blog then ill just take a minute to fill you in. Marcus is my father in law. He is an artist and hew also enjoys painting and having his nails painted. When he comes to visit we sit ans brain storm about designs, Marcus usually goes for something inspired by another artist.

Anyway here is what he came up with this time.

 More pictures and details after the JUMP!

I had already picked and applied the base colours before Marcus arrived and challenged him to come up with something to put over the top. We decided on Bridget Riley inspired nails.

The base colours are Cotton Candied by Sick Lacquers and Falling for Hue by KBShimmer on my ring finger. I love crellys (cream jelly). The way the glitter creates depth, suspended in the base creates a really unique look.You wont get that on the highstreet. I used the OPI neon white tinted base first but I wish I hadn't. I prefer the look without a base coat as there is more depth.
Sick lacquers are a fave brand of mine. They were my first indie and I have tried loads since and these are really up there on quality and uniqueness. They do loads of white crellys and they are my absolute fave!
Marcus used acrylic paint and a small brush to create the design.

I think Marcus did an amazing job and this is my favourite of all his designs. What manicure is your favourite?


  1. This looks really great! I love that you picked a crelly with glitters as a base :)

    1. thanks :) I love white crellys but never seem to use them!

  2. These are so cool and the Sick Lacquers amazing x

    1. Thanks! I love sick lacquers, you should check them out :)