21 Aug 2014

Sparkly Nails Water Decals Review and Nail Art


Hello my lovelies! I'm sorry I haven't been around recently, its the summer holidays and both my sons birthdays. 

I have a review of some more water decals by Sparkly Nails for you today.

To see what I created and what I thought please click the "Read More" button! 

You may notice things have changed a little with the way I do my posts... I am going to give page jumps a try so theres not so much scrolling and also I have a new Press Sample image so its super easy to tell if what I am using has been sent to me for review. 
Not that it would make a difference to my opinion. I am 100000% honest at all times! 

Anyway! Here is what I created using these water decals.

This is a super simple mani using just the water decals and two colours. Mira by Zoya and Tatami Dance by Manhattan. I love these colours together!

As with all Sparkly Nails decals I have tried they are easy to apply and can really jazz up an otherwise simple mani. Water decals are great for beginners and professionals alike. I love that they are not raised like stickers and will last as long as your manicure does. They apply just like temporary tattoos and take just a couple minutes, but make sure you base colour is 100% dry before you apply them.

What do you think of my simple mani? Have you tried water decals before?

You can buy these decals and many, many other nail art supplies from Sparkly Nails 


  1. Nice mani,great review and I love your nail shape!!

    1. Thank you so much! I never know what nail shape to settle on :)