1 Sep 2014

Fish Scales Nail Art and Tutorial


This week I saw a lush nail art by Sammy from The Nailasarus and suddenly remembered that I had some fish scales stencils from Nail Stickrs that I still hadn't tried!

Fish Scale Nail Art

To see the tutorial video and what polishes I used, join me after the jump! 

Fish Scale Nail Art

For this beautiful nail art look I used a base colour of Worth The Risque by Color Club. This a beautiful biold silver holo, can you see the holo goodness?!

I then used the Fish Scale stencils by Nail Stickrs. I did have a bit of an issue removing the middles of the stencil but once I managed to get them all out they worked perfectly and I had no issue at all. It was time consuming and annoying sitting and removing the centres of the stencils but I love the over all look of this mani so much I think it was worth it.

For the gradient look I used the polishes in the picture below. Doesn't laying the polishes out like this look so good!

Fish Scale Nail Art  bottle shot

This is turning out to be a very picture heavy post, I hope you guys dont mind!
I then finished it all off with a beautiful mermaid charm from She Sells Seashells. I love that site so much! She sells beautiful nail art items and the service is always great,
Here is a better shot of it so you can truly see this lovely charm and polish!

Fish Scale Nail Art macro


FINALLY here is the tutorial! 

so what do you all think of this nail art? 
I would love to hear what you think!