11 Sep 2014

Moyra Beatrice with rose nail art

Meet Beatrice, another gel look polish by Moyra. As you may already know I really like Moyra polishes. They have a wider brush, fantastic formula and they are a bargain!

As I said this is a gel look polish so is supposed to be more shiny. Usually I topcoat all my mani's but today I haven't so you can see that it is in fact a little more shiny. Only a little mind you!

Moyra Beatrice swatch and rose nail art

More details and pictures after the page break. Click read more, to well, read more! 

The formula of this is great. I could have left it at one coat if I was in a hurry but my nail line was still slightly visible so I decided on two coats. 

 This is a typical red. I own so many reds and for some reason continue to buy them. This red is nothing out of the ordinary but I love it none the less!
Moyra Beatrice and rose nail art hand painted

I used the Supreme Nails nail art pen to do the white abstract rose. It isn't my best work Ill give you that but I think it is still quite striking against the red. I do think I should have left the leaves off though. I can never do a good leaf, I need to practice!

You can see the full Moyra range and purchase via their Facebook page.
What do you all think of this look? I really must get making some more videos!

I am always looking for ideas and inspiration, if you want me to do a certain look, drop me a line!


  1. aww, nice color! and it is so attractive on your nails.
    i have pink gel look and it is really good one.enough just 1 coat
    have a nice evening !