20 Oct 2014

Halloween Spider Nail Art

Finally had time to heave a play with a Halloween design!
There is some bad news unfortunately, well bad for the claw lovers, the claws are gone *sobs*  I broke the index one and there was no chance of a repair. I am back to nubbs now but that may please some of the claw haterz lol!

I am not hating the short nails as much as I thought I would. Its nice to have a change!

 For more info and pictures, as always, join me after the break! (I love saying that as it makes me feel like a TV presenter!)

I used Manglaze Mayonnaise for the base. A sheer shimmer white. I hate this polish but I love it. It takes like 4 coats and it still streaky but I love the shimmer and glitter. If it was opaque I would be super happy! 

I was so proud of my hand painted stripes and spider but then the topcoat took some of the paint off, so it now looks a bit patchy. Bummer, 

What do you think of this nail art look? 


  1. Oh how I love this, classy and simple. Just what a mani needs to be one some days

  2. i do like it ! fantastic nail art !

  3. Aw these are cute & classy at the same time I love them :) xx