19 Oct 2014

Halloween Pumpkin Nail Art

Another Halloween type nail art today although this could also just be an Autumn themed one as its not particularly scary!

Halloween pumpkin nail art

I used KBShimmer Dancing Green and Moyra 621 to do this mani. 

I think I also need to be honest with you all. I don't even know who bothers to read this or anything and sorry for the rant in advance.... 

I am really getting upset about my hand shakes and I hate the way my art turns out pretty much every time. I try so hard and I have an image in my head an then I cant even hold a paintbrush without my hand going stupidly shaky. I look at everyone else beautiful manis and even consider jacking everything in. I hate the way my photos look and GRRRR. A bad time indeed. *sobs*

I hope you like what I am trying to achieve. Thanks for reading.


  1. It's gorgeous Jade, keep going and don't give up! I love seeing your nail art 😍

    1. Thanks Keely, I just get so disheartened sometimes. i have an image in my head and I just cant get it how i want it :(