13 Oct 2014

Jade Holografico Stamping Nail Art

Hello my dears!
I wanted to make the most of the sunshine and use Jade Holografico Fascinio Violeta one last time before the sun says "goodbye" for the winter.

I am really loving stamping at the mo and it great as I seem to have no time right now! How can I be so busy but achieve pretty much nothing!?

Jade Holografico stamping nail art holo polish
Direct Sunlight. 

To see what I used and some more photos please join me after the jump! 

Jade Holografico stamping nail art holo purple
Photographed in the shade

Even in the shade this polish is a great shade. Don't shoot me but I am not a big fan of holo polishes!
I actually only own about 5! This is a lovely polish though and looks great with some simple stamping. 

I used 3 very thin coats and one coat of topcoat in these photos. 

One thing I do really like about Jade polishes, expect the fact they share my name, is the long lids. This makes for perfect handling and application. 
QA71 nail art stamping plate

For the stamping I used plate QA71. This is another cheapie one from Aliexpress. I love getting the cheap plates as I only really use them like once each haha! It picked up fine and I have no problems. I always use Konad White for my white stamping as I haven't found any better polish yet.

What do you think of this nail art? Do you like holo polishes?

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