16 Oct 2014

Random Lines Nail Art

A couple weekends ago we took a little trip away for the weekend. Whilst I was gone I finally got my package from justnail.com.
I had some problems with getting it through customs, and a bloody huge fine, so that sucked but at least I have them now!
I have finally had time to sit and have a play with the Pure Color 10 brush.  You may know this brush as its also available from Stylish Nail Art Shop. It sure is a good brush!

I have been having some health problems in the last 6 months and it means that my hands shake badly so please be kind when it comes to this mani, it is the first time I have attempted hand painting in a while!

I used Moyra Gel Look 910 for this mani, This polish covers so well its unreal. It also stains your whole hand when you take it off. You just cant have it all lol!

moyra 910 hand painted random nail art

I used a metallic white acrylic paint for this but unfortunately you cannot see the lustre of it in these pictures.

Thanks for taking the time to look at these and I hope to be a regular blogger again soon!