15 Nov 2014

ILNP Haul, Ultrachrome Goodness!

I have finally bought some ILNP!
I don't own any ILNP and they had a sale recently to make room for their new bottles so I thought I had better take advantage of that!
I got 7 polishes, 5 from the ultrachrome range and 2 holographics.

I Love Nail Polish Haul Ultrachrome holographic

To see what I scored and my initial opinion, please join me after the jump! 

I Love Nail Polish Haul Ultrachrome holographic

I Love Nail Polish Haul Ultrachrome holographic

From the ultrachrome range I chose.... (L-R) Mutagen,Sirene,Peace Reminisce and Birefringence.

The polishes came in well wrapped and were also wrapped in some cute ILNP tissue paper which I have used for the backdrop in these images.

I have had a chance to try a few of these polishes out and me being 100% honest, I was a bit disappointed. They boast a 2 coat coverage on their website but I needed 3 for complete coverage. I could of course put them over black but I bought them for the fact that I wouldn't have too.

That said I am very impressed with the colours and their shift. I was painting on Sirene and it even shifted colours as I was using it which was quite fun :)

I Love Nail Polish Haul Ultrachrome holographic

I Love Nail Polish Haul Black Orchid Bottle Swatch

I Love Nail Polish My Private Rainbow Linear Scattered

I also got Black Orchid and My Private Rainbow (linear+scatter) I was not disappointed in these at all. I don't usually like holos that much but I saw these and took a punt on them.
Black Orchid is a brilliant dark plum red with a strong holo in direct light. Unfortunately the holo is not bold in normal lighting but is still a pretty polish in its own right.

I then picked up My Private Rainbow (l+s) I was unsure on whether to buy the ultrachomes in holo or normal version so I thought this was the perfect solution. This boasts a nice bold holo and doesn't appear to grey or alter the base in anyway, other than the way intended ;)
I cant wait to use this in the summer! I think it will be a staple main additive to my manis.

The shipping took 6 working days from the US to the UK so that's not bad at all and like I said they were really well packaged. I hate nail polish breakages, well who doesn't?!

You can see the I Love Nail Polish website here and see all their new bottles :)


  1. Thank you for the beautiful photos! I love my ILNP polishes. I mainly have their ultrachromes and always gaze at my nails when I have them on. I did get Black Orchid recently - need to try that on. And I did get some of the flakies to try out.

  2. thay are all stunning ! i cant wait to see them on your nails ! have a nice evening Jade , dear friend !