28 Sep 2014

Water Marble Nail Art Decals

I feel so proud of myself right now! After 5 hours of practise I finally got water marbling to work for me!

I sat at my table last night and and just messed around with the polishes I had, I also got some great advice from Tracey from Bite No More. I found that my Essie polishes worked best and that's what I used to create this look.
The main thing that has put me off marbling in the past is the mess. It looked so much hassle and so much clean up. Then I saw @yagala on instagram making a water marble decal and I knew I had to try it! @Yagala also has a YouTube channel which you can see HERE 

Water Marbling Decal Nail Art essie

For loads more pictures and all the details, join me after the jump!

Water Marbling nail art in a glass decal essie

Water Marbling Nail Art essie

Essie Water Marble Nail Art

Water Marble Decal Nail Art

I cant remember exactly what Essie polishes I used, sorry! I was up until 2 am messing with different colours, waiting for them to dry then bagging them up. 

I used Rica Glossy Glam topcoat. Its fast drying and doesn't tend to smudge art. 

To make a decal you basically wait until your water marbling is dry in the cup . This takes about 15 mins. Then very carefully take it out and place onto kitchen roll to absorb the water. After around 1 hour you can then place into a plastic sandwich bag and seal it with tape.. This stops the marbling from drying out and means you can use them at a later date. 
When you are ready to use them you can trim it and then place them onto tacky polish and smooth down. I used OPI Alpine Snow for this to help the colours pop. 
Then trim, clean up and topcoat. 
I am so happy with the results its unreal. I was going to add glitter or some stamping but I just couldn't bare to mess with it! Expect to see more water marbling in the future! 

What do you think? Have you tried to make marbling decals? 


  1. you place INTO a sandwich bag? How long did you leave it in and is it difficult to remove from the bag? This looks AMAZING !!!

    1. Thanks!
      I did put it into a bag then sealed it with tape, it stops it from drying out. I made sure they were 100% dry before I put them in there (about 1 hour) and i used one this one with no problem this morning. So it was in there like 12 hours? I made some more and I plan on using them tomorrow.
      I think I will film a tutorial the next time i do it :)

    2. I have just updated the post so it may be easier to follow the process x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! If you upload a pic of it on instagram or facebook tag @lifeinlacquer so i can see!