3 Mar 2013

Kleancolor polishes Pastel Blue with glitter.


 polish in order of pic 95 Disco Ball. 33 Starry Blue.Pastel blue.233 Chunky Holo Teal.

Okay so here it goes..... 

I've recently purchased a few Kleancolor polishes from the Internet and today I had a very basic play with them. 
Kleancolor isn't available in shops in the UK, as far as I'm aware, so I had to get them online. They retail for as little as $1 in America but be prepared to pay quite abut more for them in the UK.

So I started off with Lumos base coat and then applied 2 coats of pastel blue.It is quite streaky to begin with but to be honest I've found this with a lot of the lighter polishes from other brands too, even the higher end ones.The second coat does even it out near on perfectly but saying that if I didn't put the glitter on I would have done a third coat just to make it completely opaque. 

 This is how the pastel blue looked after two coats. Please be aware this was taken under unnatural light given I started doing my nails at gone 11 :P

    After that I started layering on glitter three different types to be exact, I love glitter! Plus I wanted different sizes of glitter to give the full effect. 

I started with the smallest glitter particles and worked my way up to the biggest. I started with Chunky Holo Teal and brought this just over half way up. Chunky holo teal is a beautiful glitter looks really blue in the bottle but basically it come out almost clear. First bottle on the right.

I then went on to layer Disco Ball ontop which has round blue and pink glitter. Bottle on the far left. 

I finished it off by using Starry blue. On the first few fingers I used the brush to position the big chucks of glitter but I found it put far too much clear varnish on the nail and not a lot of glitter so after that I used a cocktail stick to pick out the biggest bits of glitter and position it on the nail. It's also give you the biggest amount of control of the glitter placement and you can put then exactly where you want them. Second bottle on the left.

Then topped it all of with Lumos top coat. 

unnatural light.

 these two were taken under natural light... Can you see the difference?

These polishes were very nice to work with but geez they stink! Personally not a problem for me but you may want to crack a window ;) 

I know this is a very simple design but when I'm sat with 40 new polishes in front of me I just can't decide! 
All in all these four are lovely polishes to work with, I just love blue and I love glitter so I love this!

If I lived in the USA I'd own all of the Kleancolor range but they are very hard to come by in the UK, unless you go to EBay or Amazon but I'm glad I purchased these and will purchase more.



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