14 Jun 2013

O.P.I Marbled with Bow

 Here is my NOTD. A marbled accent nail with a bow, that i actually purchased from Poundland! 
I used Dutch Ya Just Love OPI and If You Moust You Moust. Both by OPI. 
Dutch Ya Just Love OPI is a beautiful purple with a subtle gold glitter. 
Perfect coverage in 2 coats. 

To do the marble all i did was used a dotting tool to mix together a few bigger blobs of polish on my nails. I love simple designs like this as they take no time to do and still look good and alot better than just plain old polish :) 


  1. This is sooo lovely! :) Not sure if I could wear one of those bows though, got a feeling I would accidentally rip it off and ruin my mani :(
    How long would you wear a mani like this for? :)

    Emmy x

    1. I thought the same thing, but actually they were fine. I use polybond adhesive by NSI to adhere to bows and they lasted like 5 days last time. But I am bad a
      Picking and playing with them lol