17 Sep 2013

Sick Lacquers Nail Mail!

OoOoOo new pretties! 

I was blown away by the last polishes from Sick Lacquers, the colours and the application were top notch. I loved them so much i could resist putting in an order! 

Here I have 9 new polishes from the indie maker. These can be purchased HERE 

Butterflies & Roses, Mysterious Ways and Grape Juice. 

 Butterfly Effect, Pastel Fusion and Cotton Candied 

Scatterbrains, I Pink I Blue Up and Lavender Lover. 

WOW! I was so happy unwrapping these. As you can tell I am really into the whole white base with glitter thing at the mo! 
I have tried a few out and love them all but I think my faves so far is Butterflies & Roses and I Pink I Blue Up. 
Butterfly Effect is so glittery in real life and I cant wait to get that on!

So which one do you like the best? 


  1. These are all so unbelievably pretty. They look like candy in a bottle! Xx


    1. They really do and they look soooo pretty on! I dont have enough fingernails!