24 Nov 2013

Purple Skittle Mix Up Nail Art

I have been really busy painting up these false nails I haven't had much time to do my own nails!! 

I have also been going crochet crazy! I have really fallen in love with crochet and spend most of my time making numerous baby hats! 

I have been wearing these all week. Usually nail polish only last a day on me 2 at most but i have switched to Zoya Anchor Base Coat and its really working for me!

I do apologise for the state of my fingers etc I have been painting these nails and I always get polish and paint all over me! 

The fab glitter polish on this mani is Aurora by Zoya . It is lush! Holo glitter in a purple jelly type base. 
The stamp is a Moyou one. 
The other polishes are Planks Alot, Steady As She Rose by OPI and Zoya Mira.

What do you think of my mix and match? Mira reminds me of Cadburys Chocolate!

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