7 Dec 2013

More Festive Nails

Here are some more false festive nails!

You may remember seeing a previous post about some false nails I have been making to sell. 

OPI Affair in Red Square 

OPI Your Such A Budapest with Barry M Special edition silver glitter from Xmas a few years back and a silver glitter Catrice polish

OPI Dont Mess With OPI and Zoya PixieDust Chyna

All of these styles did sell and I  think my fave are the last set, I just love PixieDust! What are your fave set? 

I was having a problem with the red coming through the stamping but I have a way to combat that. Before stamping over red, apply top coat first, then stamp. TaDa! No more problems!

I have of course also been crocheting a lot, are there any other nail obsessed people out there who also crochet?? 


  1. I definitely crochet as well - though it has taken a backburner recently since I'm backlogged on swatches, doing two challenges, and freelancing for two companies for "real" work. Still love it though!

    1. I love crochet so much! I am totally addicted! I just wishing there were more hours in the day lol x